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Brazilian Butt Lift

One of the most important keys to having a proportional body are the shape and form of the hips. The most popular of these shapes is named as a Brazilian butt. It is possible to have a fuller and rounder shape with the procedure, which is called Brazilian butt lift (BBL) or Brazilian hips aesthetics.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift(BBL)?

The surgical operation that provides a fuller appearance to the buttocks is called Brazilian butt lift (BBL). With the liposuction method excess fat is removed from the abdomen, waist or hips. and some of it is injected back into the hips and buttocks.

It is very difficult to have a full, upright and proportional buttocks naturally. Brazilian butt lift improves all the fat ratios of the lower part of the body, while making the person’s buttocks appear prominent, proportional and aesthetically pleasing.

How is Brazilian Butt Aesthetics Performed?

Before the operation the fat donor zones and injections areas are determined. The fat accumulated in the unwanted areas is removed with special techniques. The extracted oils are cleaned and made ready for injections by experts. Afterwards, the injection process is performed. Some of the injected fat will melt over time, but the doctors know this and take this into account during the procedure. With this procedure the doctor makes the Brazilian butt the shape that suits you and you like.

Who Is Suitable for Brazilian Butt Lift Operation?

BBL operation should generally be preferred by people with high skin quality in the hip area. It is not an BBL operation is preferred by people with high skin quality in the hips area. It is not an easy process to have this operation for people whose skin quality buttocks area is not so good. A clear diagnosis of this issue can be made after the examination. In addition, the ones who want to have this operation should have enough fat tissue in their body. The ones who do not have enough fat in their body should prefer other methods for buttocks augmentation.

There are some other important points for performing the BBL operation. Most importantly, patients with sagging hip tissue and completely fallen hips and completely flat hips due to volume losses cannot benefit from this operation. Patients who do not have a lack of volume can easily have a Brazilian butt lift. 

What are the Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian butt lift operation brings lots of benefits to the life of the patient. Hard and tiring exercises are no longer needed in order to gain the desired buttocks shape. Patient’s self-confidence will increase considerably due to the fact that the lower body part is formed according to the patient’s wishes. The fat in the unwanted areas will be reduced and patients will not need diets for losing weight. Not only the hips, but the body in general gains a proportional appearance.

Are the Effects of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Permanent?

The results are usually long-term. People who have undergone surgery must pay all attention to the advice given by the doctor. Following the recommendations will extend the results. Even in the worst condition, the effects of the operation last for two years. Patients who want to have an effect for a longer period should carefully choose the clinic they receive service from.