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Breast Augmentation-Options With and Without Surgery

Among the aesthetic operations, there are surgical and non-surgical options for breast augmentation operations, which are one of the most desired procedures. Breast augmentation surgeries, which are applied by women who do not have the desired breast sizes, are performed very easily and quickly.

In recent years, with the spread of breast augmentation, plastic surgery has become available using new technologies in the field of medicine, breast augmentation operations can also be performed with non-surgical procedures. Breast forms that are brought to a more upright and fuller shape are performed with or without surgical procedures according to the preference of people. No pain or soreness is felt in either application. But the healing processes of surgical and non-surgical breast augmentation are different from each other.

Surgical Breast Augmentation Operations

People who want a more permanent solution prefer surgical breast augmentation operations. A more artificial and silicone appearance is obtained compared to non-surgical procedures. Breast implant, i.e. prosthesis with filler, is usually used in applications. For prostheses placed under the breast or under the muscle in the rib cage, a 4-5 cm incision area is opened. Patients are discharged after 1 day of observation. It takes 4-6 months for the treated breast to reach the desired size and volume.

Because no operations are performed on the breast tissue during surgical breast augmentation, the milk ducts are not damaged and there is no breastfeeding problem. The lifespan of breast augmentation surgeries varies between 20 and 30 years. But it is recommended to undergo regular examinations every year and have the silicone/prostheses checked.

Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation Operations

Non-surgical breast augmentation operations are preferred by people who are afraid of plastic surgery, have question marks about breastfeeding, do not want scars and stitches, do not like the feeling of silicone. The healing process is shorter than with surgical breast augmentation. In non-surgical breast augmentation procedures, 3 different techniques are done to give volume to the breast. Non-surgical breast augmentation techniques:

  • Fat transfer

Fats taken from the patient’s body are injected into the chest area, increasing the volume of the breast. There are positive and negative sides of fat transfer depending on the characteristic of the fat. Breast augmentation does not result in a permanent result if the fat is of a fast-dissolving nature.

  • Aquafilling

Aquafilling, defined as a water-based hydraulic gel, is a filler with a three-dimensional molecular structure. Unlike similar skin fillers, there is hyaluronic acid in aquafilling. A filler is injected with a needle from the lower side of the breast area where the aquafilling process will be performed. One of the advantages of aquafilling is that the needle marks are temporary, it is a painless procedure, and it is repeatable. But permanent results, such as a surgical operation, cannot be achieved. The life of aquafilling is on average 5 years.

  • Filler injector

Depending on the quality of the filler, breast augmentation can be achieved gradually in the filler injection process, which promises permanence for up to 1 year. Similar to other non-surgical procedures, a filler is transferred from under the breast with a needle.

The Process of Recovery After Breast Augmentation

In both operations with and without surgery, no shower should be taken for the first 48 hours, the breast area should be protected from impacts, and patient should not lie face down. Patients can return to their normal lives and routine jobs in no more than 2-3 days in both procedures. But you should not lift heavily, take a break from strenuous sports such as fitness. If possible, it is recommended to rest for the first week. The healing process of breast augmentation surgery and the exact seating process of the filler after the operation are different compared to non-surgical procedures. In surgical applications, an athlete’s bra should be worn for 21 days after the first 48 hours. After this process, for at least 1 month tight underwear should not be preferred.