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Breast Lift

Women do not like their breasts for some reason and they want to have firmer, more shaped, firmer and more beautiful breasts.

These reasons are:

  • sagging breasts, which is caused by continuous weight gain and loss
  • Due to the menstrual cycle, edema in the breasts and swelling of the breasts during pregnancy and lactation occurs in certain periods every month. Then they take on the old shape and begin to sag.
  • Loss of vitality and sagging of the breasts due to aging
  • It’s an example of gravity pulling the breasts down from day to day.

 What is breast lift?

Breast tissue in women is more and heavier than in men. Due to the action of hormones and for other reasons, they are subject to many changes, as there are occasional accumulations of edema and loss of edema. Breast tissue that is connected to the front wall of the breast by ligaments becomes larger as a result of these changes and the ligaments become loose. This means that the breasts become flabby and lose their vitality. In mastopexy, i.e. breast lift, these ligaments are strengthened, excess skin is removed and a shape is made according to the anatomical position of the breasts. In the meantime, an enlargement or reduction of the breasts can also be performed.

Breast lift and breast reduction are very similar. The main difference between them is that the purpose of a breast lift is to eliminate sagging, while reduction involves the removal of fatty tissue.

How is the breast lift performed?

  • Whether the patient is suitable for surgery is determined on the basis of examinations under the supervision of anesthetists and plastic surgeons.
  • During a physical examination it is determined what the current state of the breasts is, what needs to be done and what appearance should be achieved. The wishes of the patient are also taken into consideration.
  • On the day of surgery, anesthetists apply an anesthesia in the appropriate dosage for the patient.
  • The surgery begins with an incision. This incision is a round incision made on the nipple and a straight or T-shaped incision along the nipple.
  • The type of incision is determined by the doctor.
  • After the incision, the excess skin surrounding the breast is removed. Since the breast tissue is to be lifted upwards, the skin under the breast is removed.
  • The anatomical position of the nipple is determined and the nipple is brought into this position.
  • If the breast is not large enough, in some cases a prosthesis can be used to give the breast volume and shape. However, a breast lift alone does not affect the breast size.
  • When the desired position is reached, the incisions are sewn together and the procedure is completed.
  • If the accumulation of fluid is too high, depending on the situation, a drainage is applied and the excess fluid in the breast area is drained through tubes.

Why breast lift?

  • Pectoral muscles do not play a role in lifting the breasts. For this reason, there is no solution for lifting sagging breasts except a breast lift. Breasts are not lifted during sports.
  • It is a personal operation that is planned individually.
  • There are no visible operation scars, but of course some scars are inevitable.
  • With the careful work of the doctor and the application of the right techniques, it is possible to obtain young and firm breasts.
  • Since the person is under general anesthesia, the operation is painless in no time.
  • It is an operation that takes about 2 hours. It does not require a long effort.
  • One does not have to rest for a long time and does not have to remain without movement. One quickly returns to daily life.

For whom is breast lift suitable?

 Anyone who is confronted with sagging breasts and does not like them can have a breast lift. In some cases, one of the breasts may be in a flaccid and one in a normal position. This does not create an aesthetically pleasing appearance. A breast lift can also be performed when only one breast is sagging.

  • If the person is physically healthy and there are no problems during the health checks, an operation can be performed.
  • Weight is one of the criteria for a breast lift. The person must have a fixed weight.
  • The breast development must be completed, so it is an operation that is performed on adults over 18 years of age and not on children.
  • As a rule, it is not used on pregnant and nursing mothers. This surgery is more suitable 6 months after pregnancy or 3 months after the end of breastfeeding.

After the breast lift

 Due to the general anesthesia one day of hospitalization may be necessary.

  • 3-4 days after the operation the dressing is changed. After the control the bandage wrapped around the breast is removed and it is necessary to wear a sports bra for 2-3 weeks.
  • The wound area heals almost after 2 weeks.
  • At the end of one month the swelling caused by the operation is almost completely gone.
  • It can take up to 3 months before the breast changes occur. Complete healing takes 1 year.
  • Post-operative pain can be seen in the arm and breast area. This pain is controlled with medications prescribed by the doctor.
  • Since smoking affects the healing time, care should be taken not to smoke.
  • Hand and arm movements should be minimized in the first month. At the end of the 1st month it is possible to do exercises that make these areas work and swim without exertion.
  • You can return to daily life within 1 week.