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Dental Crown treatment

Teeth are one of the factors that show the cleanliness of a person most clearly. Depending on the care, over time, teeth can be damaged due to decay, injury, genetics and many different factors. There are many different methods for the solution of these disorders in the teeth. One of these methods is crown dental treatment .

What is dental crown treatment

There are many people who have crown dental treatment for the deterioration of the tooth. Basically , a crown is a type of prosthesis that is placed on a decayed or damaged tooth . With these caps placed on the tooth, your tooth can regain its normal appearance. You can also think of the crown dental treatment method as a hat that is placed on the tooth and completes the tooth. In addition, this type of treatment is also known as ‘veneer’ and ‘porcelain’ among the people.

When the dental crown treatment used ?

Crown therapy , which is generally preferred for problems that cannot be solved by filling, such as decay and fracture in the teeth, is also used in the treatment of such conditions as well as discoloration of the tooth and deformities in the tooth that may occur over time. Crown treatment is usually done for the following and similar problems:

Restoring a broken tooth to its normal state

-Reinforcement (support) for the dental bridge

-Regulation of dental disorders

– Bringing the weakened tooth to normal appearance

How is crown treatment done for teeth?

Treatment in solving the problems that occur in the teeth, can be made entirely of ceramic or porcelain. Different materials such as metal, porcelain, full ceramic, full porcelain are used in crown treatment. As a result of metal crown treatment, long-lasting materials are used. Metal crowns are generally preferred for posterior teeth due to their color. Porcelain crown has natural tooth color and is preferred for anterior or posterior teeth. Full ceramic or full porcelain crown veneer, which is one of the methods that gives the best results in tooth color, is the ideal choice for front teeth.

Crown treatment process

Your dentist may refer you to this method as a result of the controls, or after consultation, crown treatment may be your choice. After the controls, the tooth or teeth to be crowned are determined and X-rays can be taken. The mold of the tooth or mouth can also be removed by the doctor. After removing a layer similar to your tooth, a crown is prepared with the mold taken from the tooth. Your dentist can make a temporary veneer until this situation, which includes the mold suitable for your tooth, is prepared. After the permanent crown preparation is prepared for you, the dentist places this crown in its place.

How long does the dental crown last

The duration of the dental crown, which is prepared in accordance with your mouth and tooth structure, is determined entirely according to your care process. Experts have stated that the crown treatment can last for about 15 years if taken well.

After dental crown treatment

After the crown treatment applied according to your mouth and tooth structure, patients generally do not feel any discomfort, but some patients have been observed to have sensitivity to hot and cold for a while. If you feel pain when you bite or eat any food, we recommend that you see your doctor immediately. Usually this problem is corrected with a short intervention.

Dental crown treatment cost

Crown tooth treatment, as we mentioned above, varies according to the selected material. You can contact us for the price.