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Dimple Aesthetics

How is Dimple Aesthetics Performed?

Recently, dimple aesthetics has become very popular for those who think that a pair of dimples on the cheeks contributes to external beauty. If there are no dimples that give aesthetics to a natural smile, a dimple can be made with a small operation. This type of aesthetics, which is in the center of attention of men as well as women, is not limited to the face area only and can be applied to the desired point of the body.

Decollete aesthetics is one of the aesthetic procedures that attract many people to have a similar smile with a celebrity who cares for or admires those who have dimples. It is very important to thoroughly investigate the steps that need to be taken before and after implementing this idea.

Techniques of Dimple Aesthetics

Dimple aesthetics, which is performed within the scope of multiple different techniques, is mostly performed within the small incisions thrown into the intraoral region. Reducing the amount of tissue under the skin, which is the main goal for the formation of a dimple, is one of the methods of decollete aesthetics preferred by many specialist doctors. The main goal is the destruction of tissues regionally in the formation of dimples on the surface of the skin.

Dimple aesthetics is an operation that is irreversible compared to many aesthetic procedures and is related to the destruction of artificial dimples with a filling process when it is not satisfied.

Dimple Aesthetics The Process Before and After Surgery

For a plastic surgery operation that lasts for a long time and looks natural, the dimple aesthetics process before and after the operation covers many points that need to be considered. Here are the things to be considered before dimple aesthetics;

• It is a process that those who are in the process of losing weight should postpone for a while.

• The exact point of the dimple on the body should be discussed with the doctor.

• Preference should be given to doctors who specialize in their field and quality clinics.

• Due to the fact that it is a permanent procedure, it is necessary to think well before the dimple aesthetics.

It is necessary for the comfort of the patients and for the permanence of the procedure performed during and after the dimple aesthetics operation. Therefore, after the aesthetic operation, attention should be paid to;

• It should be known that the dimples obtained after a half-hour procedure will become more noticeable within a month.

• There is no need to stay in the hospital for dimple aesthetics, which is easily applied by specialist doctors.

• People can easily return to their daily work life the next day.

• Extra care should be taken for oral care after surgery, as there will be small incisions in the mouth.

• After the dimple aesthetics, it is necessary to protect the relevant area from possible impacts.

• According to the skin structure that varies from person to person, slight swelling and bruises are within the possibilities.

Why Is Dimple Aesthetics Done?

The answer to the question of why dimple aesthetics is done for those who want their smile to be younger and more dynamic is quite clear. For those who have been sincerely caring for people with dimples for many years, an easy surgical operation makes it possible to achieve an ideal appearance.

A specialist doctor’s check is needed for details of many problems, such as persistence status, prices, and where dimple aesthetics is performed on which points of the body. After a detailed examination, dimple aesthetics is performed on the face or waist area with professional touches.