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Dr. Ismail O.

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr İsmail O.

He was born in Istanbul in 1965.

In 1988, he successfully graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Istanbul University, which is the largest and oldest university in Turkey.

In 1989, as his first duty station, he worked as the head of the mental health department at the Giresun Provincial Health Board. He was one of the first to conduct research that allowed other doctors to take patients’ mental health into account during the stages of treatment.

In 1991, he was appointed Chief Physician at Bakirkoy Central Medical Center in Istanbul.

In 2002, he started working as Deputy Chief Physician at Besiktas Sait Chifti State Hospital.

In 2004, he began researching hair histology and carried out observations in the stem cell laboratory at the Faculty of Medicine of Istanbul University.

In 2005, he received training in FUT and FUE hair transplantation techniques and began applying them to his patients.

In 2007, he worked on research of hormonal imbalances affecting the results of hair transplantation. As a result of these studies, information was provided on the factors influencing the results of hair transplantation in men and women.

In 2010, he became famous in the hair transplant sector by delivering courses for doctors and nurses from different parts of the world using the latest hair transplant techniques.

He continued to work in the private sector in 2016 and joined Turkey Hair Academy in 2019.

Since 2018, he has been actively pursuing his hair transplant procedure at a JCI accredited hospital according to international standards. Dr. Ismail Ozturk, who has performed thousands of successful hair transplant procedures during his career, closely follows the latest technologies and improves the services he offers to each new patient according to international standards.