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Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrow lift is very easy with non-surgical options!

Eyebrows are one of the factors that directly affect the appearance of our eyes, lips, nose, that is, on our face. In addition to our lips, the shape of our eyebrows affects the expression on our face. Factors such as getting old, gaining and losing weight, having an accident affect the eyebrows negatively. In this case, what we need is a non-surgical eyebrow lift operation that takes about half an hour. The treatment of droopy eyebrows, which causes you not only to age but also to look older than your age, is quite easy. Brow lift is applied in many different ways without surgery.

How is a non-surgical eyebrow lift done? 

If you have decided to have a eyebrow lift and you want a non-surgical lift, it can be done with fillers, threads, botulinum toxin and device procedures. Thanks to the threads specially produced for eyebrow lifting and frequently used in the area, the drooping eyebrow is lifted up in about 30 minutes. This specially produced thread ensures that the eyebrows stay up with the procedures performed after it is placed under the skin. Moreover, after the completion of the process, you can see the results immediately. Botulinum toxin treatment can be explained as the application of the toxin with the help of special injectors to the facial muscles. This application takes an average of 10 minutes. Since this procedure is done by specialist doctors, you will not have any problems.

Eyebrow lift methods without surgery 

With High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, also called facial rejuvenation, non-surgical eyebrow lifting can be performed. In this application made by dermatologist physicians, it can be defined as the application of high heat on the tissue at the targeted point using high-intensity sound waves. With non-surgical eyebrow lifting performed with fillers, you can easily achieve the look you want. For non-surgical eyebrow lifting options, we are at your side with our expert team both in your treatment and intervention process. You can contact us for our prices.

What are the advantages of non-surgical eyebrow lifting?

Advantages of non-surgical brow lift:

-The operation takes about half an hour

-You can see the result immediately when the processes are finished

-You can continue your daily life on the same day after non-surgical eyebrow lifting

-No surgical intervention

-There will be no traces on your body

-Fine lines are eliminated

-Do not experience drooping eyebrows again