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Eyelid Aesthetics

The eyelid is a formation in the human face and sagging occurs especially due to aging.

As gravity constantly pulls this flexible structure downwards, conditions such as expansion, loosening, formation of tear sacs, discoloration and wrinkles in the eyelids occur. People who want a younger and more aesthetic appearance can obtain fresh and firm skin through eyelid aesthetics.

What is eyelid aesthetics?

Eyelid aesthetics is called “blepharoplasty”. This procedure involves stretching flabby tissue, removing excess skin and muscle tissue and removing signs of aging in the eye. It is an aesthetic surgery performed by plastic surgeons. It can be performed on both the upper and lower eyelids, or only on the top or bottom of the eye.

How is eyelid aesthetics performed?

  • After the doctor’s control, the surgical process begins. It is performed under general or local anesthesia and lasts between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the deformity.
  • An incision is made at the fold of the upper eyelid. Thus, the stitch mark formed after the operation is not visible.
  • The excess and slack skin and muscle tissue are removed and stretched with suture techniques. Then the cut area is sutured.
  • Before the upper eyelid is treated, the condition of the forehead and eyebrows is evaluated. If deemed necessary, techniques for removing sagging and raising the eyebrows are first applied to these areas.
  • For the lower eyelid surgery, the fat pads are treated first. The anatomical formation, called fat pads, is located above the cheekbone, but moves down over time.
  • Fat pads are replaced endoscopically. Therefore, it is not necessary to treat the lower eyelid at this stage, and in some cases this application is sufficient.
  • If additional procedures are required, the procedures for the upper eyelid are also applied to the lower eyelid. The incision is made directly under the lashes and then the excess tissue is removed and sutured.

Why eyelid aesthetics?

  • The eye is a sensitive area, and people worry if they have surgery in this area. When this operation is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, healthy results are achieved. Since experts in this field perform this operation, there is no need to worry.
  • The loss of elasticity around the eyes is restored and the bad appearance is eliminated.
  • A droopy eyelid can also affect vision. In cases where the eye cannot perform its function, surgery is necessary not only for aesthetics but also for health.
  • Its effect does not last forever, as physical changes in the body continue with the action of gravity. However, it prevents flaccidity for about 8-9 years. It is preferred because of its long-term effect.
  • It leaves a very small scar and there is no unattractive aesthetics, as it remains on the eye crease.
  • Tired looks and sagging eyes are eliminated. People still look strong, young and lively. This situation prepares the ground for refreshing the self-confidence of the person.

Who is suitable for eyelid aesthetics?

  • As it develops according to age, people over 35 generally prefer blepharoplasty
  • If the eyelid prevents vision, it is performed at an earlier age.
  • Anyone who has a healthy body condition and suitable blood values can undergo this operation.

After the eyelid aesthetics

  • After the operation the eye is connected with thin bands. These bandages are removed after a few days.
  • Usually, the person returns home the same day and does not need to rest in the hospital.
  • For 2-3 days slight pain may occur and the situation can be prevented by taking painkillers.
  • It is normal that you swell for 1 week. Swelling that does not prevent you from seeing will be observed for the first week and then disappear. During this 1 week you are more likely to stay at home and then continue your daily life after the swelling has subsided.
  • Creams are applied to reduce swelling and bruising. It is necessary to sleep with high pillows to reduce edema. To avoid oedema, applications such as water bath, bath, solarium, sauna should be avoided for 1.5 months.
  • Care is taken not to bump your eyes.
  • It is necessary to go into the sun with sunglasses to avoid stings and tears.
  • After the surgery dry eyes are visible. This situation disappears by itself, but the eye drops administered to speed up the process should be used in the doses recommended by the doctor.
  • Another precaution against dry eye is to massage the eye after removing the stitches. The procedure of massage is explained to the patient in detail by the medical staff.
  • Stitches and bandages will be removed after 5 days and treatment will follow. Before that there is no intervention.
  • After 2-3 weeks the person can walk and jog. It is necessary to stay away from heavy sports for 1 month.
  • Until the stitches are removed, the area must not come into contact with water. Hot showers can be taken without touching the eyelids.
  • If the sagging on the lower eyelid persists after the surgery, it can be easily removed after the surgery by fat injection.
  • The final shape of the eye appears after 3 months. After 1 year, the scars are hardly visible.