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Leave the forehead lift and eyebrow lift surgery to the experts!

It’s not your old age that prevents you from looking younger and more beautiful. Forehead lift and eyebrow lift surgery, which covers the removal of the signs of aging due to time in a person over a certain age, is frequently preferred by both men and women. In general, drooping of the eyebrows, sagging of the skin between the eyelids, etc., which is quite common over the age of 40. conditions can be resolved with the said surgical intervention.

What is forehead lift eyebrow lift surgery?

Forehead lift and eyebrow lift surgery are equivalent words. Forehead lift is a condition that includes the drooping of the eyebrows. This type of surgery can reduce wrinkles due to aging, sagging eyebrows, etc. used in treatments. It is recommended for people whose surgery cannot be cured by simple interventions. The tense or sad appearance of the face due to age, the wrinkles on the forehead, and the drooping of the eyebrows create the so-called images. In fact, these negative situations can cause you to look much older than your age.

How is forehead lift and eyebrow lift surgical treatment performed?

If you have decided to have an operation after the treatment of the specialist doctor, you will encounter treatment methods such as Coronal Forehead Lift, also called Crown Technique, Endoscopic Forehead Lift, Transpalpebral Eyebrow Lift, Hairline Forehead Lift, which is also used as Hairline, for the treatment with forehead lift and eyebrow lift surgery. In the crown technique (Coronal Forehead Lift), a hidden scar may remain in the hair. Endoscopic Forehead Lift is the intervention with the endoscope for the treatment type. This type of treatment can be used at the beginning of the forehead aging process.

For whom should forehead lift eyebrow lift be applied?

Crown Technique, one of the treatment processes mentioned above, is suitable for patients with advanced forehead aging. Endoscopic Forehead Lift treatment is a type of treatment performed before the wrinkles on the forehead increase, that is, in the early period. Hairline Forehead Lift treatment, which is also used as a hairline, can also be applied to advanced people like Crown Technique treatment.

What are the advantages of forehead lift and eyebrow lifting?

Thanks to eyebrow lifting, the tense appearance that may occur over time is eliminated.

-You can have a more beautiful appearance in the treatment of forehead wrinkles

-Your face will look younger and more vigorous

-With the forehead lift process, many problems related to aging will disappear on your face.