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Hair Transplantation for Women

Hair transplantation for women is a service whose popularity continues to increase from past to present. Hair loss problem is seen in women as much as it is seen in men. There can be dozens of reasons for women’s hair loss. When hair transplantation service is purchased for women, the causes and degree of hair loss should be determined first.

People lose an average of 150 hairs per day. This is normal. However, the amount of hair loss in some women is many times higher than this number. The reasons for this hair loss are usually different from men.

How is Hair Transplantation Performed for Women?

Women who cannot achieve success as a result of long efforts against the problem of hair loss and who want to reach a definitive solution prefer hair transplantation. Some areas on the human head are designated as donor hairs. These areas are usually the back of the head, which is between the two ears. The reason why this area is a donor area is that the hair in that area is strong and thick. Hair transplantation for women is performed with two different methods. The most popular of these is the unshaven hair transplant procedure.

Unshaven Hair Transplant

The biggest reason women prefer this method is that it gives more positive results in terms of aesthetic appearance. Unshaven hair transplantation means that the area to be planted is not shaved. Only a part of the donor area is shaved and transferred to the area to be transplanted. Since the shaved area is carefully selected, the hair on the top covers this area and makes your hair look like before. For this reason, women mostly prefer unshaven hair transplantation.

Who Cannot Have a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation can be done to all women who do not have a special problem, and generally 90% success is achieved. However, there are people with problems who cannot have a hair transplant. Some of these problems are; People who have had facelift surgery and have had problems with their hair, people whose hair has been burned before and whose hair is no longer growing, and who constantly lose their hair as a result of certain diseases.

Can women be dyed after hair transplantation?

After getting the hair transplant service and achieving success, you should wait for your hair to regain its former health. There is no harm in dyeing or blow drying your hair after it has regained its former health. After hair transplantation for women, your new hair will be yours and you will be able to use it as you wish.

Are There Any Scars After Hair Transplantation For Women?

If you do not want to leave a scar after hair transplantation, you should carefully choose the method of hair transplantation and the institution from which you receive hair transplantation service. Thanks to the method called FUE method, you can perform hair transplantation without a trace. This method is also adopted by doctors and patients. However, if you prefer the FUT method, there is a high probability of scarring. In patients using the FUE method, there is no scar, and it is not possible to distinguish between your own hair and the hair transplanted after the procedure. It is the healthiest method.

Post-Hair Transplantation Process for Women

The most important point to be considered after the service is that no care products come into contact with your hair within 15 days. Since this procedure is a minor operation, you should not do heavy work within three days after the procedure. You should also stay away from any situation that will put pressure on your head . You need to be sensitive until the transplanted area heals. After this 15-day period, you can continue your life from where you left off.