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Face Lifting

In order to control the sagging and skin loosening that occur in face after certain ages, face lifting which is also called ritidectomy surgeries are performed. Before the operation, it is determined which parts of the face will be treated. In face lift surgery performed with general anesthesia, an incision is made at the level of the ear line. Opened skin is then lifted to repair the mimic muscles, connective tissues and loose tissues.  After this intervention, the stretching process of the complained areas is completed and the parts with unwanted sagging are corrected. The operation takes about 5-6 hours

Are The Results of Face lifting Permanent?

As with any surgical operation, it is up to the patient itself if the operation is permanent. Elements such as avoiding stress and improving the quality of life ensure that the results of face lift surgery are long term. For this operation, a permanence of at least 10 years can be mentioned. Patient’s age also directly affects how long the results will be lasting. 

What are the Complications and Risks?

Accumulation of blood in the face area is one of the most common complications observed in the processes after the operation. Other symptoms include hair loss, infection and nerve damage. One of the biggest risks in surgeries performed by non-specialists is scarring. It is very important to work with reliable and professional doctors when it comes procedures such as face lift operation. One of the complications that can occur is bleeding. Spot-shaped hemorrhages in the treated areas of the face rarely occur. 

Will There Be Scars Left?

Since the stitches for the incision opened at ear level are hidden in the hair, there are no scars left. With developing technologies, results have became much more professional and consistent. Face is the first place that people see when they look at you.  For this reason, careful and painstaking suture work is carried out. Most of the surgery time is covered by suture application. 

Healing Process after Face Lift

At least 2 days after the operation, the patient remains in the hospital under observation. In the first 10 days after discharge, edema and swelling occur. During the 10-day period, the application of dressings should be carried out meticulously on the dates recommended by the doctor. At the end of this period, the sutures are also removed. After these temporary swellings, a period of at least 8 weeks should elapse before the results of the operation can be fully seen.