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How Is the Recovery Process After Rny Gastric Bypass?

The recovery process after Rny gastric bypass surgery is not a very short and slow process. If the necessary attention is paid to the doctor’s recommendations and the postoperative period is passed exactly as described, the recovery period can be shortened and easily circumvented.

In the first month after Rny gastric bypass surgery, all the complications that can be seen in general are observed. In this process, the patient should be monitored clinically, his values should be monitored and analyzed. In any case that goes wrong, you should stay in the hospital for 1-2 days to get early intervention.
After a waiting period of about 7 to 14 days, when the patient’s ailments decelerate, a person can gradually return to his daily life.

After the first month after Rny gastric bypass surgery, the patient returns to his normal daily life and lifestyle. Clinical examinations are continued at december intervals to see if there are any problems. The general condition of the patient and its associated values are monitored. It is also necessary to continue the diet in the same way after surgery.

Within 6 months after Rny Gastric Bypass surgery, the patient is considered to have fully recovered. after 6 to 12 months, all the complications and risks that may occur in the process are over and the patient is completely back to his daily life. The patient, who is considered to have fully recovered, should continue to pay attention to his diet and at the same time perform exercises that may be appropriate for his body. In cases where patients stop dieting, the operation loses its effect and weight gain occurs again in the long run. Therefore, nutrition and exercise are the most important conditions after rny gastric bypass operation.

During feeding, the number of meals should be increased, but portions, on the contrary, should be reduced. Fluid should be completely consumed on the first day after surgery so that there is no discomfort, infection, or wound in the stomach. After this first day, you can gradually switch to solid food in small proportions. It is important that these solids are thoroughly chewed and swallowed.

No liquid, including water, should be consumed on average half an hour before eating, and likewise no liquid should be taken in the half hour after eating. It is very important that solid and liquid foods are also not consumed together.