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Lipid injection

Just as we can get rid of our fat in aesthetic procedures, we can achieve aesthetic results by injecting fat into the required areas of our body.

With the methods developed in aesthetic surgery, fat tissue taken from another part of the body can be transferred to another part of the same person.

What is lipid injection?

Lipid injection is used to remove fat from body parts such as hips, abdomen and legs. With some procedures, fat is removed to remove wrinkles, give a plump appearance and restore the old shape in the places where the skin has sagged. The most common application is in the facial area. Injections can also be applied to areas such as hips, chest and legs to increase volume.

How is the lipid injection performed?

  • The required amount of fat is taken from the area suitable for fat removal.
  • The fat can be removed by various liposuction methods. The logic of liposuction is to remove the existing fat by melting or separating it from the connective and muscle tissue according to the liposuction method.
  • While the fat is removed, a few centimeters are incised and the fat is collected by cannulas.
  • The collected fats are purified and after some processes prepared for injection. Then injections are performed at the appropriate dosage and angle. Needles with a fine point are used.
  • It can be applied on lips, chin tip, under the eyes, cheek-lip line, cheekbones, buttocks, breasts and legs. The area to be applied and the area from which the fat is removed is determined by consultations between the patient and the specialist and by examinations. In addition, the doctor will indicate the things you should avoid and do before the surgery and what will happen after the surgery.
  • The fat injection is renewed at regular intervals to increase its durability.
  • It can be performed under general or local anesthesia. The duration varies between half an hour and one hour.

Why Lipo Injection?

  • Flaccid body parts return to their former state, wrinkles are removed and volume is gained for a plump appearance. This results in younger, vivid and aesthetic lines.
  • Since the fat removed from the person is returned to the same person, the body accepts the aesthetic procedure. And shows no reaction.
  • Even if part of the injected fat dissolves, it has a 30% to 70% durability rate, depending on the person and whether the surgery is performed well. If the person follows the doctor’s recommendations and the procedure is performed well, 70% is a very high and strong rate.
  • It is a short process. In addition, the recovery time is very short because no incision is required during the injection. The absence of suture marks is a great advantage, especially when fat is injected on the face.
  • Compared to other fillings, the fat injection is more durable and long-lasting.
  • It has positive effects on the person’s mental health, as the person who wants to undergo this operation feels better when they achieve the desired appearance and their self-confidence increases.
  • People who have fat injected into their breasts can have natural breasts if the fat required for this procedure is available in their body.

Who is suitable for Lipo Injection?

  • The persons who are to be liposuctioned do not have to be overweight, as usually only very small amounts of fat are removed.
  • It can be applied to any adult man or woman.
  • If the persons get results from the physical examinations that are not an obstacle, they can have a fat injection performed.
  • Since more fatty tissue is needed in the breast area, they can have their breasts injected if there is enough fat in other places.
  • Immediately after aesthetic operations such as facelifting, fat injection can be applied to achieve complete aesthetics.

 After the lipo injection

  • It is possible to be discharged from the hospital on the same day.
  • In lipo injection, small bands are attached to the places where the needles are inserted. These bands can be removed within a few hours or the next day.
  • To protect against possible effects, antibiotics are taken for the first 5 days as prescribed by the doctor.
  • You can immediately return to daily life, but depending on the operation, swelling and bruising may occur in the injected area. It will be correct to avoid intensive activities in the first few days to eliminate edema and bruising as soon as possible. In addition, beneficial results can be achieved if cold application is performed every hour or every 2 hours, for 15 minutes.
  • Since make-up can be applied after a day, people can go out by covering their bruises or redness.
  • Very slight pain is part of a natural healing process. Painkillers recommended by the doctor should be taken, and medications such as blood thinners like aspirin should be avoided.
  • Smoking should be avoided, at least for a while, as it slows down the healing process and reduces fat retention.
  • Since the fat injected during fat injection is absorbed by the body and due to the formation of edema, a large volume can be observed first. However, since fat absorption is provided later, a natural appearance is obtained.