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Eliminate your old age with neck lift treatment

Have you ever thought about the cause of age-related sagging?

Although aging brings with it sagging, the main reason for this is gravity. As the age progresses, the tissues drooping down accumulate in the neck area, resulting in results that will affect your beauty. It is possible to get rid of this situation. The most known method of reducing or getting rid of this situation is neck lift treatment.

What is neck lift?

On the basis of age, the distance between the chin and the neck gradually decreases. This situation can occur not only in age, but also in those who gain and lose a lot of weight frequently. This situation, which is seen on average in women aged 50 and over, disturbs some people. The process of treating the sagging experienced in the region, also known as the ‘jowl’ among the people, is called neck lift.

What are the types of neck lift?

There are many types of neck lift treatment. The main reason for neck lift types can be defined as the differences in the face, neck and chin structure of each individual. Therefore, meeting with a specialist before the treatment and getting treatment according to him will make you successful at the point of view you want. You can get rid of the appearance that you think is bad in your body with treatment methods such as Neck Lift with Face Lift, Deep Neck Shaping Neck Lift, Deep Neck Lift, Open Midline Neck Lift and Endoscopic Neck Lift.

What are neck lift treatment methods?

One of the most preferred treatment methods, Face Lift and Neck Lift is one of the least scarce and effective treatments to get rid of excess skin on the neck. As the name suggests, Face Lift and Neck Lift are performed in the same treatment process. In this form of treatment, which is more comprehensive than the Deep Neck Lift treatment, the face lift described above can be summarized as covering the neck as well. However, this treatment method can be explained as advanced surgery compared to the Deep Neck Lift method. There are also varieties such as Deep Neck Lift, Open Midline Neck Lift and Endoscopic Neck Lift. We recommend that you consult with experts in the field for neck lift.