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Nose tip aesthetics

Nose tip aesthetics (Tip plasty )

Tip plasty called nose tip aesthetics In summary, it is the elimination of the disorders that occur at the tip of the nose. People who have problems such as low nasal tip or nasal tip width can have nasal tip aesthetics. In general, nasal tip aesthetics, which takes a short time to operate, may differ from person to person, depending on race and age. The problematic area can be resolved with nasal tip aesthetic surgery (type rhinoplasty ).

Who is the nose tip aesthetic for?

Nasal tip aesthetics is a wide variety of aesthetics. It can be applied to all people who have problems with thinning the tip of the nose, changing its angle, bringing it forward and backward, lifting it, and correcting deformities. In general, nasal tip aesthetics, which are performed for the age of 20 and beyond, when the development is completely completed, can also be performed at an early age in some cases. Some situations are compared with rhinoplasty. The person who will best guide you in this regard is the plastic surgeon.

How to make nose tip aesthetics

The nose tip aesthetic operation is performed with an operation that takes about half an hour. If it is decided to have plastic surgery on the tip of the nose as a result of the guidance made by the specialist , this operation is performed under local anesthesia . Open rhinoplasty technique is generally preferred in surgery . With the open rhinoplasty technique , the cartilage at the tip of the nose can be thinned, the tip of the nose can be lifted, and the problem of breathing, if any, can be intervened with nasal tip aesthetics. The patient can go home the same day after the operation. It takes about 1 year for the nose to become completely desired in the surgical nose tip aesthetics.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

Surgical nasal tip aesthetics , which is performed by using only local anesthesia , is a type of intervention that is usually completed in a single session. In this type of operation, which can be applied to both genders, it is appropriate to have it done under the guidance of a specialist. The stages for non-surgical nose tip aesthetics are as follows:

-The person’s nose photo is taken from different angles

-As a result of these photos, the most accurate method is determined on the computer or device.

-Since the nose is intervened from inside, traces, stains, etc. does not happen.

-The operation is not temporary, it is permanent.

Nose aesthetics with fillers

Another intervention method for the non-surgical nose tip is filling. Filling is generally recommended for lifting operations in the process known as non- surgical nose tip aesthetics , which lasts about 15 minutes . Gel materials containing hyaluronic acid (link) are used in the nose tip lift operation with filler. After the control by your doctor and deciding which type to use in the specified process, you can have a non-surgical nose tip lift aesthetic. Since surgery is not used in this type of intervention, the area to be intervened is done with numbing creams. After this type of filling, which lasts for an average of 15 minutes, the patient does not feel any pain.

Nose tip aesthetics with thread

Nose tip aesthetics with thread is one of the prominent aesthetic types. Aesthetics with thread is highly preferred for painless and non-surgical nasal tip aesthetics . Rhinoplasty with thread

It is made by hanging the tip of the nose with a rope to the bone between the two muscles.

– As a result of intervention with the rope, the tip of the nose is lifted upwards.

– It is a type of intervention that usually lasts for a short time.

-It should be preferred by those who want to lift the tip of the nose and those who have a suitable nose structure.

– General anesthesia is not applied

-The patient is discharged on the same day

-The trace is not visible from the outside because it is small or absent.

Who should not have nasal tip aesthetics?

Nasal tip aesthetics is a type of operation performed under the control and direction of the specialist. It should be preferred after the completion of the development of the person. For people with an arched nose, not only nasal tip aesthetics, but also surgeries may be required.

Nose tip aesthetics advantages

-The person feels psychologically healthier as a result of achieving the desired appearance

-The person feels his breath healthier as a result of the operation; As a result, your sleep pattern will be healthier.

-You can get rid of sinusitis

-The person who has the operation is usually discharged on the same day.