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Pubic Aesthetics – Monsplasty

Pubic aesthetics is a type of aesthetics also known as monsplasty . This type of aesthetic is a procedure performed in the area of the inguinal mound in the genitals of men and women. This procedure falls under the category of genital aesthetics. The adipose tissue in this region, also known as mons pubis has the feature of protecting the pubic bone and joints from possible impacts. Mons natural preservative due to childbirth, weight gain, pregnancy If the pubis area is enlarged, this can be uncomfortable for people.

It affects people not only aesthetically but also functionally. mons When sagging of the pubis occurs, various discomforts such as problems in urination, bad posture of clothes may occur in people.

mons The pubis is the name given to the high and hairy area under the groin. Women may be disturbed by the pubic bump for some reasons. This part is clearly visible from the outside when wearing a bikini and swimsuit. This situation causes women to feel psychologically uncomfortable.

How is Pubis Aesthetics Performed?

Pubic aesthetics It is the opposite of the filling applied to the genital area. mons If the pubis is thicker than normal, the fat tissue under the skin is removed. In this way, a thin appearance is obtained. Monplasty , mon It is called the reduction of the bump called pubis as a result of some processes. Monplasty can be done in three different ways.

  • Liposuction: In this procedure , the fat tissue on the pubis is removed by the liposuction method. In this way, the thinning of the pubis mound is performed.
  • Lipolysis: It is the name given to melting the fat under the skin by performing some injection procedures under the skin over the pubis . There is no pain in this procedure. It is very advantageous as it is not a surgical method.
  • Surgical Procedure: In this procedure, the skin layer is surgically removed. In addition, flattening is also performed in the region. Pubis as in tummy tuck operation The bump is surgically reduced. Surgical procedures in pubis aesthetics are performed only if there is an advanced fold or excess.

Pubis aesthetics is performed in cases where sagging in the groin area cannot be healed during diet and exercise . Monoplasty is also known as groin lift surgery.

How Long Does It Take to Heal After Pubis Aesthetics?

Pubis aesthetic recovery time varies depending on the movements of the patients after the procedure. After the operation, patients need to take care of themselves so that they can recover quickly. Recovery after the pubis aesthetic procedure takes approximately one week. After this procedure, patients should use a corset for a month. It is also important to avoid situations such as heavy lifting.

pubis aesthetic procedure, patients should pay attention to their movements for about 1 month. In addition, there may be conditions such as swelling in the body after the procedure. In such cases, patients should not worry. In addition, patients should pay attention to the cleaning of the genital area after the procedure.