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Vaginoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure known as “vaginal tightening”. However, women who do not have a congenital vagina, whose vagina is short or blind can also benefit from this procedure in order to have sexual intercourse. Vaginoplasty is most preferred in women who have sagged, enlarged or lost their sense of sexual pleasure. Thus, it provides both aesthetic and functional advantages.

The vagina can enlarge for various reasons. It is a common complaint especially in women who have given birth. In addition, factors such as aging and menopause can disrupt the structure of the vagina. In addition to these, smoking, irregular diet, pregnancies and some exercises also cause the vagina to expand. Even if there is no reason, the vagina may be wide due to congenital factors. In this case , it is possible to get rid of this complaint with the method of vaginoplasty .

How is Vaginoplasty Operation Performed?

Vaginoplasty can be done in aesthetic centers or hospitals. It is a kind of restructuring operation. The purpose of this surgery is to give the vagina a tight and tight appearance again. The operation is possible with a rhombic incision made at the back of the vagina. With this incision, the skin tissue in the area is separated and removed. If there is weakness in the muscles, the muscles are brought closer together and the tissue is sutured again. This operation takes an average of 1-1.5 hours.

During the vaginal tightening operation, it is often necessary to correct the gap between the vagina and the anus. This process is called “perineum”. Removing birthmarks and skin sagging here provides aesthetic benefits. The perineal procedure also benefits the person in terms of avoiding infection.

Vaginoplasty Performed To?

  • Having a wide vagina from birth,
  • Having any health problems or postpartum vaginal sagging,
  • Congenitally absent or wider than usual
  • Women who have lost sexual pleasure in their vagina can have this procedure.

This procedure is not applied to individuals under the age of 18. In addition, since you will receive anesthesia, you should not have any serious health problems. However, the specialist will determine whether you can have this operation or not.

Does Vaginoplasty Affect Sex Life?

Sex is the most basic element of marriage. If you are not happy in your sexual life, you will not find the happiness you seek in your marriage. According to some evaluations, vaginoplasty procedure allows spouses to enjoy each other more. If you do not get enough pleasure from sex, you can return to your old sexual life after this operation.

Social Life After Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty operation, you can return to your social life in about 3-4 days. You should avoid heavy exercises for an average of 1 month, and you should stay away from lifting heavy loads. You should also avoid sexual intercourse for 1.5 months after the operation. Because the vagina can only recover itself.

After the operation, you should use the prescribed drugs regularly in order for the suture to heal quickly and not be infected with germs. In addition, you should do your dressings for 7 days without interruption. You should not neglect your doctor’s controls, even if you feel good, you should go for a control 10 days later .