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Am I a Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery?

There are many types of operations that can be considered for anyone who cannot lose weight in healthy and regular sports, diet, changing their eating pattern, or who does not have time for such exercises and diets in their busy working life.
Due to the low rate of weight loss, genetic physical characteristics and other medications used, people may have problems losing weight. Losing weight is a much more difficult and painstaking process than gaining weight. It is known that the stages of weight loss differ with peers who are of the same weight, height and age for reasons that are not in the hands of people, fat and calorie burning, which is directly influenced by metabolism.

In addition to these, hormonal disorders, psychological problems and the wrong diet/sport also prolong the weight loss period. There are many options for weight loss surgeries for obesity patients (body mass index 40 kg/m2 and above) and diabetes patients.

For patients with the mentioned complaints, the process is going much faster thanks to the advantages such as the developing technology and facilities, the widespread use of weight loss surgeries today and the proliferation of alternatives. It is possible for patients to reach the desired weight first in terms of health, then with physical self-confidence and operations that are not too difficult from an aesthetic point of view.
No surgery should be performed without consulting and researching specialist doctors. By measuring the body mass index, metabolic rate, fat /calorie ratios, the appropriate types of surgery are determined and presented to the patient. The most preferred of these types of surgery are listed below.

* Gastric Botulinum Toxin Operation
* Gastric Balloon Operation
* Operation on the Tube Stomach
* Mini Gastric Bypass Operation

As a result of detailed analysis and examinations, a patient who wants to prevent the uncomfortable appearance of the weight he has and its effects on his daily life can start the procedure by choosing the appropriate one of the weight loss surgeries with a specialist intervention. After the procedure, patients can easily maintain the physical appearance and health they have gained by continuing to eat regularly, devoting more time to sports, and applying the substances recommended by the doctor.

The most important stage of the whole process is that a person prepares and motivates himself psychologically. After the patient is discharged, the investment he has made in his body is guaranteed a positive result.