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Face and Neck Lifting

Appearance is very important for many people and there can be many things affecting how you look. How your face and neck look can greatly impact your appearance. For many people, it is important to maintain a youthful and attractive appearance in these areas. However, your skin can begin to lose its elasticity and sag over time, especially around the face and neck regions.

In this case, face and neck lifting can be an option to create a better appearance in these areas. Due to causes such as aging or significant levels of weight loss, sagging skin in the face and neck can become an issue. If you, too, are struggling with this problem here you can learn about face and neck lifting.

face and neck lifting

How Effective are Face and Neck Lifting Operations?

In case you are considering going through face and neck lift operations, you may be wondering how effective these operations are. Basically, the effectiveness of these operations can depend on a variety of factors. For example, factors such as where you get this operation done and the skill and experience of the surgeon performing the procedure can affect the effectiveness of these surgeries.

Also, the level of sagging on the patient’s face and neck skin can be another important factor, too. However, a successful face and neck lifting operation can be very effective and can have great results.

How Long is the Recovery Period After Face and Neck Lifting?

Another important question that you may have regarding face and neck lift can be how long the recovery period is after these surgeries. After face and neck lifting operations, the patient stays in the hospital for at least two days. During the first ten days following the operations, discharge, edema and swelling tend to occur. About two weeks after the operations, it becomes possible for the patient to get back to work, however it is important to be careful.

It can take around two to three months to begin to see the results of these operations fully. After face and neck lifting, it is important to carry out the aftercare process properly, as instructed by your doctor.

How are Face and Neck Lifting Operations Performed?

How face and neck lifting operations are performed can be something that you are curious about if you are considering having these operations. While face and neck lifting can be performed at the same time, they can also be done separately. Firstly, consultations, necessary examinations and tests are done before the surgery. Before the operation, anesthesia is used. Then for the face lifting, incisions at the ear level are made and facial skin is stretched, with extra skin gotten rid of.

As far as neck lifting, the incision is made usually around the region under the ears and the neck skin is stretched in a similar fashion to face lifting. Finally, following the procedure, the proper aftercare process must be carried out.

To Whom Can These Operations Be Performed?

If you are planning to have face and neck lifting, to whom these operations can be performed can be a question in your mind. Basically, these operations are done in order to deal with sagging skin in the face and neck areas and to create a better look. So, these operations can be performed to people with such a cosmetic problem. In order to learn whether you are eligible for these operations or not, don’t forget to consult your physician.

At What Age Face and Neck Lifting Can Be Done?

Since sagging skin on the face and neck usually tend to happen due to aging, face and neck lifting procedures are generally done to patients over the age of forty. However, these operations can be done at earlier ages as long as the patient is eligible for them.