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Forehead Lift

Even though years have passed, it is everyone’s dream to have a young appearance. As we age, this youthful and healthy appearance naturally decreases. The main reason for this is the wrinkles on the face.

Although many products are offered to the market to reduce wrinkles, it is known that the success rates are very low through both statistics and the feedback of the users. For this reason, forehead lift aesthetics are more preferred as the only way to add a younger appearance to the face.

Thanks to this aesthetic procedure, the unhealthy appearance is eliminated with the signs of aging on the face and people have the lines they want very easily.

Forehead lift operation is applied with new techniques and latest technologies. Thanks to these techniques, the level of success is at the highest levels and the result of the procedure is to fully realize the dreams of the people.

Since many problems on the face are eliminated with only a single application thanks to forehead lifting and at the same time the prices of forehead lift operation are at very reasonable levels, this application is among the most preferred procedures today.

Forehead lift

What is Forehead Lift Aesthetics?

Forehead lift aesthetics are the whole of the procedures performed to eliminate the wrinkles in the forehead area. Thanks to this aesthetic process, the hard appearance of wrinkles is reduced to the lightest levels and the face has a healthy, vigorous and lively appearance.

The forehead lift prevents low face loss, because it prevents eyebrow drops, which cause low appearance, to a certain extent. Since the skin in the forehead area is tightened, the eyebrows are also lifted at the desired level.

Thus, both wrinkles in the forehead area, eyebrow fall and eyelid fall problems are eliminated.

How is Forehead Lift Operation Performed?

Forehead lift operation is performed by stretching the forehead skin. For this, an incision is made on the skin between the right and left temples, which is in the hair. The forehead is stretched at the desired level, lifted. While performing this procedure, it is also determined how much the eyebrow will be raised.

Since the eyebrow is lifted while the forehead skin is raised, the pressure of the eyebrow on the eye socket is also eliminated, so that the low impairment in the eye is reduced to a certain extent. It can be said that the forehead lifting process is in its simplest form.

Which Aesthetic Operations Can Be Performed with Forehead Lifting?

Permanent forehead lift is a procedure that reduces the low face, especially the low eyebrows and eyes. However, if the aim is not only to get rid of wrinkles, but also to reduce and eliminate the low face at the highest possible level, some aesthetic operations can be performed in coordination with this procedure.

Among these aesthetic operations, eyebrow lifting and eyelid aesthetics can be included. Although the eyebrows are lifted to a certain degree with forehead lifting, a completely vigorous appearance is obtained with a separate eyebrow lifting process.

At the same time, eyelid surgery is an additional procedure. Because one of the biggest factors that cause the sagging appearance on the face is the low eyes. By removing the sagging lids, a recessed appearance is obtained with the effect of forehead lift surgery.

Forehead Lift Techniques

There are many different and effective techniques for forehead lifting and they are used today. The most important part in forehead lift techniques is the hairline. If the hairline is in front of the forehead much more than it should be, your hairline is pulled back with the forehead lift operation.

In this process, it uses a bicoronal, that is, an open incision, and the forehead is made tense. Another technique is the use of endoscopic, that is, the closed method. In this, it is entered through the selected points through the hairy skin and the forehead is made tense. Both techniques give successful results.

There are only some differences in terms of healing speed and incision density. However, both techniques are preferred by experts, and one of these two techniques is used if the person’s forehead structure is more compatible with the technique.

Apart from these, many different techniques such as rope hanging, radiofrequency, hyaluronic acid, fat fillings are among the forehead lifting techniques. The specialist who will perform the procedure will choose one of these techniques appropriately according to the structure of the person’s forehead area.

Things to Consider After the Operation

Forehead lift aesthetics is a very simple, painless and painless procedure. However, as in every aesthetic process, there are some issues to be considered after the procedure. It is preferable to stay in the clinic for one night after the forehead lift operation.

So you can be discharged after a day. In this way, your post-operative controls are regularly carried out by specialists. You cannot take a bath on your first day, especially pressurized water should not touch the area. But on your second day you can take a bath.

After the operation, ice can be applied to the forehead area or creams recommended by your doctor can be applied. These will be the procedures that will minimize swelling and bruising in the forehead area. In just 7-10 days, the swelling will be reduced.

The stitches that are thrown to the scalp in your forehead area are generally removed on the 10th day according to the course of the situation. You can return to your daily life 15 days after the operation and continue your work from where you left off. In addition, you can go through this process very easily with the recommendations of your doctor.

Alternative Methods

In the techniques section, the rope hangers, fat fillings and similar methods we have mentioned are considered as alternative methods. We can explain these methods to you as follows:

Rope hanging method: This method is performed without surgery, but the effect rate is less than today’s new techniques. If permanent forehead lift is intended, this method should be preferred. 

  • Radiofrequency: With this method, radiofrequency is given to the forehead area and tightness is provided in the region in a balanced way. This method, which requires several sessions, has good effects. Today, it is a preferred method in the field of forehead lifting.
  • Fillers or botox: This is one of the effective methods of eliminating wrinkles on the forehead. Wrinkles in the area are eliminated with acid fillings or fat fillings obtained from the existing oils in the forehead area. It is an effective method in the field of forehead lifting.

Alternative methods are generally like this. Other methods can be added to these, but these are the most known and used. In the continuation of the article, we will explain these methods to you with details.

Alternative methods are generally like this. Other methods can be added to these, but these are the most known and used. In the continuation of the article, we will explain these methods to you with details.


Botox method, which is among the alternative methods in the field of forehead lifting, is a method that is frequently preferred today. With the Botox method, the muscles in the forehead are affected. The muscles are relaxed temporarily, not permanently, and the skin tissue in the area is given a smooth, wrinkle-free appearance.

However, this method is valid for wrinkles that are not too deep, but it is a method that can act well on wrinkles in this style. If the wrinkles are deep, botox alone may not be enough. For this, in such a case, it would be better to resort to other alternative forehead lift methods.

Rope Hanging Method

This method may be one of the oldest known methods of forehead lift techniques. For many years, the rope hanging method has been used. Today, with new technologies and techniques, this method has become less preferable. At the same time, the desired permanence rate can be said to be less than other methods.

With this method, the right points are selected from the forehead area and threads are placed under the skin. Ropes are used to stretch the forehead; these ropes are medical threads that do not harm the body.

If the points determined in the rope hanging method for forehead lifting are the right points, the appearance of wrinkles is eliminated and the forehead area can be a solution to eyebrow and droopy problems because it is stretched with ropes.

Hyaluronic Acid Filler

This is one of the most advanced and effective methods used in curved forehead aesthetics. Hyaluronic acid filling is applied to the lines and wrinkles in the forehead area. Acid filling injection is applied into the determined lines.

Hyaluronic acid filler not only eliminates the appearance of wrinkles in the forehead area, but is also an important substance needed for the skin to rejuvenate and look lively. It is used today as an advanced technique used in permanent forehead lifting.

Scarlet S Gold Needle Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency energy is one of the most advanced and newest methods of our time. At the same time, it is seen that it is the most demanded technique today among the forehead lifting techniques. With this technique, microneedles with gold tips are used.

Through these needles, radiofrequency energy is sent to the tissues under the skin. In this way, the heat generated in the subcutaneous tissues is increased and stimulation is provided in the forehead area. The skin is stimulated to renew itself. Thanks to the radiofrequency method, both the lines that cause wrinkles in the forehead area are eliminated and the skin is naturally renewed.

This method can be thought to be dangerous and unhealthy because of its name, that is, the word radiofrequency. But this is a misconception. Radiofrequency does not harm the skin, body in any way, has no side effects. This method is a completely healthy, harmless method.

When it comes to aesthetics, the general opinion is that only women have aesthetics, but in recent years, especially in our country, we realize that this belief has decreased and lost its effect. Aesthetics is a field that can be applied to every individual regardless of gender discrimination in any way. We can see this clearly especially in the field of forehead lift aesthetics.

Forehead aesthetics is an application that is preferred by men and women, provides relief from wrinkles in the forehead area as soon as possible and at the same time makes the face appearance much healthier and more vivid.

This practice gives successful results in both genders. In addition, one of the reasons why permanent forehead lift is requested so often is due to the cost of forehead lifting. It is seen that forehead stretching does not create great financial burdens for people and that there are different techniques suitable for every budget.

People can choose what they want from the forehead lift techniques that are suitable for their budget, talk to the expert person and undergo this operation. The recovery process after the operation proceeds quite quickly and this makes it easier for people to return to their daily lives and business lives as soon as possible.