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Labiaplasty is one of the most frequently applied aesthetic operation women in recent years. It is among the most demanded surgical operations not only in Turkey but also in Europe and the USA. Labiaplasty operation is known as the reduction of the enlarged, elongated, dark or sagging vaginal lips, which are generally congenital or occur in adolescence. In some cases, it is an operation performed when one lip, called labial asymmetry, is larger than the other.

Such vaginal aesthetic operations are among the modern gynecological operations. These operations, which are performed both functionally and aesthetically, should be performed in professional clinics. The number of labiaplasty operations increases by 20% every year.

Why is labiaplasty done ?

The most common reason for performing the procedure is that the small lips are more drooping than the large lips. In addition, if one inner lip appears larger than the other lip, this procedure is also demanded. Excessive darkening on the edge of the inner lips is also among the demands for labiaplasty operation.

The drooping, darkened and large appearance of the inner lips causes many problems in the person. We can show these problems as follows;

     •      Shyness and loss of self-confidence

     •      Feeling of pain due to stretching during sexual intercourse,

     •      Inability to feel the penis during sexual intercourse,

     •      Common vaginal infection

     •      Friction feeling when wearing tight pants,

     •      Itching,

     •      The vagina area becomes prominent when tight clothes such as tights are worn,

     •      Feeling uncomfortable with exercises such as walking and cycling

In order to avoid these problems, you can have labiaplasty operation. For this, you can choose professional clinics in the field.

How is Labiaplasty Operation Performed?

spinal anesthesia or local anesthesia can be applied in the labiaplasty operation, which is performed in the form of cutting the inner lips . Especially with local anesthesia, it provides great comfort to the patient after the operation. Appropriately sized inner lips are cut and sutured. It is an operation of about 1 hour.

labiaplasty operation will damage the hymen is often wondered. However, this operation is handled without damaging the hymen. In addition, if applied with the right techniques, the feeling of sexual pleasure intensifies after the procedure. For this reason, it is beneficial to choose reliable centers.

What are Labiaplasty Techniques?

are different techniques for labiaplasty operation. Factors such as the patient’s skin texture and the physician’s request change these techniques. We can show the most frequently applied labiaplasty techniques as follows;

     •      Deepitelization method: It is the process of peeling the labium from the inside and outside.

     •      V plasty : It is a wedge-shaped tissue removal technique.

     •      Partial resection: It is the removal of the edges of the inner lips by cutting.

     •      Laser labiaplasty : It is the laser cutting of the inner lip.

     •      Z plasty : It is a Z-shaped tissue removal method.

Depending on your vagina structure, an aesthetic specialist or a specialist in the field will examine you and decide on any of these methods. Each has a positive effect. However, this requires support from a professional clinic. You can also benefit from labiaplasty operation for a more aesthetic looking vagina .