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Skin Blemishes

Spots are a disorder that occurs on any part of the body that is different from the color of the skin, usually round. The biggest factors are direct exposure to sunlight, more or less production of melonacid (the cell that gives the skin its natural color), drugs used for hormone disorders, pregnancy, there are many factors that are unique to a person, such as. It is mostly found in the hand area, face area, back and shoulder areas. There are multiple varieties of skin spots. Some of them;

 Freckle: it is common in people with light skin color, occurs when the melonacid cell is concentrated in a certain area, it is harmless.

 Sunspots: they are common in summer, they can also occur as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun, incorrect selection of sunscreens, makeup products and other cosmetics used, they are harmless. 

 Acne: it is more common on oily skin and during puberty, excessive stress, hormonal disorders, sweating, etc. acne and black/white spot are common on the skin with factors.

 Melasma: it is more common in areas directly affected by sunlight, such as the nose, cheeks, forehead, as a result of its dark color (brown-black), it was named melasma. Women are more likely than men.   

Other factors that lead to skin blemishes; Many factors such as hair removal procedures such as waxing / hair removal applied in summer, age increase, hormonal treatment process and medications, use of expired products can cause skin blemishes.

It is possible to get rid of most types of stains by washing with salicylic-containing, alcohol- and paraben-free cleansers after getting up in the morning and before going to bed in the evening. It is necessary to make sure that the pores constantly receive air, are closed and not clogged. Hand and face towels should be changed frequently.

If there is a very heavy and fatty diet, a healthier routine should be switched to. Pillowcases should be renewed frequently. After makeup, the skin needs to be completely cleaned. If much more advanced ailments are observed, resort to laser therapy, prescription drug therapy or diet on the recommendation of a doctor.

Recommendations; artificial tan, tanning beds may cause permanent stains such as perfumes fragrance products should not be used in areas that are in direct contact with the sun, a sunscreen with sun protection factor of four seasons of at least 30 should be used after hair removal procedures such as waxing and skin must be protected from the sun.