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What are the Advantages of a Mini Gastric Bypass?

Mini gastric bypass surgery is an alternative to gastric bypass surgery. Recently, this method of treatment, which is more preferred by patients, is performed more simply and in a short time. Its risks and complications are less compared to other obesity surgeries. This operation both restricts eating and reduces absorption.

The advantages of mini gastric bypass surgery, which is one of the surgeries that cause malabsorption in metabolism and obesity surgery, abound.

Mini gastric bypass surgery, which has a greater weight loss effect compared to a tube stomach, also shows more rescuing properties compared to a tube stomach in the treatment of diseases associated with weight loss.

Although the operation process and its aftermath are risky and difficult, it is a great advantage to have a reversible treatment. It prevents other types of surgery by both malabsorption and restriction of eating. It is simpler compared to gastric bypass surgery and other types of surgery.

Although the hospital stay is longer, a healthier postoperative process is performed with the close follow-up of doctors. It takes less time than gastric bypass surgery, has fewer risks and complications.

Thanks to the reduction of the volume of the stomach, the portions of food of patients also become smaller. Even if the amount of food eaten increases, reducing the volume of the stomach prevents weight gain. In mini gastric bypass surgery, a stronger volume restriction is performed compared to other treatment methods, which leads to a greater amount of weight gain.

Not being able to pass all of the food from the beginning of the small intestine allows the food to be absorbed so that the excess calories taken are discarded without being absorbed. This absorption-limiting effect ensures that the amount of weight loss is high and that this resulting weight loss is maintained for a long period of time.

In mini gastric bypass surgery, because most of the stomach is passively standing inside, non-renewable foods do not pass to this part. Thanks to this, the stomach is also not stimulated by food and gradually loses its effectiveness. As a result of loss, the secretion of the hunger hormone decreases, allowing you to achieve a feeling of satiety early. In addition, with the prolongation of the feeling of satiety, weight gain is also stopped because the patients are not hungry.