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What are the Advantages of Rny Gastric Bypass?

Rny gastric bypass is an obesity surgery that allows the stomach to shrink through a new connection made between the stomach and the small intestine. Dec bypass is an obesity surgery that allows you to reduce the size of the stomach.

Rny gastric bypass surgery is a type of surgery that is especially effective for patients with a larger body mass index, as it provides greater weight loss compared to other obesity surgeries. In addition, it is the most advantageous type of surgery for patients who are prone to high sugar and high fat foods.

It has a positive and powerful effect on diabetes and side diseases that have occurred with weight gain (such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol). Hormonal changes caused by surgery can reduce, and sometimes completely stop, the need for diabetic treatment in most patients.

In the long term after surgery, a more permanent and long-term weight loss occurs compared to other types of obesity surgery, such as gastric tube surgery. In addition, an average of 60-75% of excess body weight is lost. Compared to other types of surgery, this amount is greater.

Rny gastric bypass surgery is more effective in treating people with severe and advanced diabetes compared to other surgeries.

The first option for treating obesity in patients with reflux disease is rny gastric bypass surgery. This operation eliminates the complaints and discomfort of reflux. It is also the first choice of patients with a stomach hernia. The probability of gaining weight back after surgery in Rny gastric bypass surgery is lower than in other treatment methods.

There is no requirement for a period such as taking liquid nutrients after the operation. Patients should pay attention to their eating patterns by increasing portions but gradually eating all kinds of foods that will not disturb the stomach. It is important that solid foods are thoroughly chewed and swallowed. Because there is no mandatory period such as liquid nutrition after surgery, the comfort of eating and drinking is also better than the amount of servings compared to other types of surgery. As long as it is fed with the guidance of a doctor, the patient’s health is restored very quickly.
Since a part of the stomach is not destroyed during Rny gastric bypass surgery, it is possible that the stomach will be converted to its original state in a possible situation.