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What is Hollywood Smile?

It has always been important to be admired and look more attractive and beautiful since the earliest periods of human history. Having an eye-pleasing physique and having proportional lines are among the things that most people want and dream of.

In dentistry, the quest for aesthetics, the desire to have more perfect smiles, and the desire to have white and impressive teeth have been increasing lately. People always want to be physically like the people they like or look up to. For this reason, an environment called “Hollywood Smile Dental” has emerged in dentistry in recent years.

hollywood smile

What is Meant by Hollywood Smile Dental?

The Hollywood smile dental is a type of smile that is inspired by the smiles of Hollywood stars and has some standards. The main purpose of the Hollywood smile dental procedure is to achieve a perfect tooth and gum appearance.

In this context, the symmetrical, healthy, and white tooth appearance known as the Hollywood smile dental has emerged. This process is carried out with smile design or smile design application.

The application we call Hollywood smile dental, smile design, or smile design is a form of treatment designed completely for the person. Each person should be handled within their anatomical structure and expectations, and the treatment should be evaluated in that way.

White teeth alone are not enough to achieve the Hollywood smile dental effect. In addition to whiteness, it is also very important that the gums look healthy, and the teeth are proportional to each other.

What are the Hollywood Smile Dental Rules?

There are certain standards for designing and applying the Hollywood smile dental and Hollywood veneers. These standards are listed as follows:

  • The person must have a deep laugh line. In short, with the smile of the person, all teeth should be visible, up to the upper molars.
  • The person’s upper front teeth must be straight.
  • Applications such as fillings on the upper teeth of the person should not be visible.
  • The upper incisors of the person should be more prominent and ahead of the other teeth.
  • The lower incisors of the person should be visible during the smile.
  • During the smile of the person, the upper gums should show a maximum of 2 mm.
  • The lips of the person should be symmetrical.
  • The width of the lips of the person should be half the width of the face.

In this context, in addition to dental and gingival operations, it may be necessary to perform procedures such as lip filling and botox for the Hollywood smile dental application.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Hollywood Smile Dental?

The benefits of having a Hollywood smile have made the treatment very popular in recent years. Communication between the patient and the dentist is one of the most important elements to fully meeting the expectations of a Hollywood dental smile. The dentist needs to understand the patient’s expectations correctly and be able to analyze the treatment outcome and patient expectations. The benefits of the perfect Hollywood smile dental are as follows:

  • With Hollywood teeth, aesthetic and symmetrical teeth are obtained.
  • With Hollywood smile dental veneers, it is ensured that the teeth and gums have a healthy appearance.
  • Determining the most ideal smile for the person’s face with Hollywood veneers helps to provide an energetic look.
  • Since Hollywood smile dental is an application that considers the person’s expectations, it is possible to achieve 100% satisfaction at the end of the process.
  • With Hollywood teeth whitening, the self-confidence problem caused by oral and dental problems is eliminated.

How is the Hollywood Smile Dental Made?

To make a Hollywood smile dental, it is necessary to perform many different procedures. For example, in addition to tooth and gum treatments, applications such as lip filling can be performed within the scope of Hollywood smile dental design. For the Hollywood smile dental design, the expectations and needs of the person are determined first.

For this reason, the procedures to be performed also differ from person to person. At this point, to get the clearest information, you should consult a specialist dentist and be examined. However, to have the general information, the operations carried out can be listed as follows:

  • Hollywood Veneers: It is a porcelain veneer treatment applied to the front of the teeth. It is to eliminate problems such as stained, flabby, intermittent, and broken teeth. Hollywood veneers are a very short procedure. Hollywood veneers, the materials used during the process have light transmittance. For this reason, the Hollywood veneer procedure does not cause any problems such as graying of the teeth.
  • Hollywood Teeth Whitening: There are many different methods to be used for Hollywood teeth whitening. The main purpose of all the methods is to lighten the tooth color a few tones and to achieve a white appearance. The Hollywood teeth whitening can be performed by the dentist in a clinical setting or by the person himself at home. The Hollywood teeth whitening method is determined by considering the needs of the patient.
  • Implant: It is a treatment method performed to eliminate tooth loss.

How Much Does It Cost for Hollywood Smile Dental?

The cost of a Hollywood smile dental varies from person to person. For this reason, the cost of a Hollywood smile dental can be determined after a comprehensive examination of the person. The needs and expectations of the person in the perfect Hollywood smile dental design may vary from person to person.

For this reason, it is not possible to make a clear determination on the price, as the scope of the treatment to be applied may change. However, in general, the parameters that determine the prices of Hollywood teeth whitening and Hollywood teeth can be listed as follows:

  • The current oral and dental health of the person
  • Treatments to be carried out within the scope of the application
  • Additional requests of the person
  • The level of expertise and technical equipment of the center where the treatment will be carried out
  • Experience and expertise of the dentist who will perform the treatment

You should contact a dentist to get clearer and more detailed information about prices.

Are Veneers Same as Hollywood Smile Dental?

Veneers are the basis of the Hollywood smile dental procedure, in short, veneers and the Hollywood smile are the same. Hollywood smile, which varies in quality and cost, consists of several types of coatings. These varieties are as follows:

  • Porcelain Veneers: Hollywood smile dental is very easy with porcelain veneers. Hollywood veneers made of porcelain are thick cover structures that go in front of the teeth to hide aesthetic errors.
  • Lumineers: Lumineers are a type of dental veneer in the form of ultrathin shells and are typically partially translucent. Unlike porcelain veneers and due to their relatively weak structure, the dimensions of Lumineers do not include filling the enamel layer as a necessary part of the procedure. For this reason, luminaries may be a suitable option for those who do not want to thin a layer of enamel or do not want to touch it at all to fix the aesthetic appearance of their teeth.
  • Composite Resin Hollywood Veneers: Composite resin Hollywood veneers are made of the same material as dental fillings. For this reason, although their application is relatively simple, they can be easy to modify to suit certain shape and color characteristics.

What does a Hollywood Smile Dental Look Like?

The number of people who apply the Hollywood smile dental method is increasing exponentially day by day as a result of concerns such as aesthetic appeal, removal of dental defects, and respect in front of society. Under normal conditions, the color of the teeth is the color of bone, but in today’s conditions, because the white tooth has become a symbol of prestige, it has become fashionable to have this bone color lightened or to have a coating on it.

It is also possible to have the smile of Hollywood stars with the Hollywood smile dental. For this reason, the Hollywood smile dental can be compared to the smile of Hollywood stars.

Is Hollywood Smile Dental Painful?

The Hollywood smile dental procedure does not cause any pain or suffering. If applications such as implant treatment are needed during the procedure, anesthesia is performed before the procedure and the person is prevented from feeling pain.

Is Hollywood Smile Healthy?

Hollywood smile dental ensures that teeth, gums, and mouth structures are healthier and have a more beautiful appearance. In addition, the Hollywood dental smile, which provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance, does not pose any threat or problem in terms of health. For this reason, a Hollywood smile dental is a very healthy procedure.

Is Hollywood Smile Dental Permanent?

The permanence of the Hollywood smile dental varies from person to person. Hollywood smile dental includes medically permanent treatments, but for this, the person needs to perform oral and dental care practices in a disciplined manner. It is very important to stay away from eating or drinking habits and smoking that can damage the teeth or cause the teeth to lose their whiteness.

If the necessary sensitivity for oral and dental health and care is not shown after the Hollywood smile dental procedure and the teeth are left to their fate, the permanence of the Hollywood smile cannot be guaranteed.

As a result, Hollywood Smile Dental is very important for both the health and cosmetic appearance of your teeth. This method, which has been applied for many years to achieve healthy teeth, is carried out much more efficiently and well with today’s technology.

To maintain the whiteness and shine of your teeth, you should not neglect regular brushing, flossing, mouthwash, and regular dentist checks. At this point, if you want to get support and have happy smiles, you can contact us.