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What is Laser Carbon Peeling?

Laser carbon peeling is a skin care operation that combines a specially created carbon solution and laser treatment to treat the spot faster and more vigorously. It also has benefits such as skin rejuvenation and wrinkle removal. In this process, the peeling application is performed in a more detailed and accurate manner thanks to the laser beam.
Laser carbon peeling is one of the applications that is often used in the treatment of acne, spotty and stained skin.

The mentioned skin cleansing procedure is carried out under the pores. By performing deep cleaning with carbon, smooth and healthy skin tissues are formed.

Stages of the Laser Carbon Peeling Process

The specially produced solution is applied to the stain area. The waiting time of the solution at the stain site is on average 10 minutes. During the waiting period, carbon begins to act on problem cells under the skin. The stain area is treated with a laser. Carbon burns with laser light. Thus, intracellular regeneration begins. By increasing the amount of collagen, a flawless appearance is achieved. The carbon solution used makes it possible to equalize the colors of the stains by coloring the underside of the skin.

Laser Carbon Peeling Process Process

According to the size, frequency and how long they have been on the skin of spots, pimples and acne, treatment sessions are increasing. For disorders that are at the starting point, the desired result can also be achieved in the first session. It is possible to get rid of even stains that cause permanent damage in no more than 9-10 sessions. Since laser carbon peeling penetrates deep into the cells, a waiting period of up to two weeks is recommended between each decubitus. The procedure has no specific side effects. The procedure is not recommended for pregnant women and people with hormonal disorders.

Operation of some of the benefits include; to correct the unevenness in skin color appearance to destroy the pale, Dead Cells revive, and renew your skin cells to reveal a cleaner. With the application of laser carbon peeling, it is possible to eliminate stains that occur especially during puberty. No later than 1 month after application, the changes will be noticeable noticeably and you will have a silky skin.
After the procedure, the spots decrease and disappear. No sudden effect should be expected. The skin becomes firm and the jul-ture look is fully seated after the last session.