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What Is the Healing Process Like After a Mini Gastric Bypass?

In mini gastric bypass surgery, a completely closed method creates a new and different path between the stomach and the small intestine outside the normal path, allowing you to lose weight quickly, effectively and decently. Thus, both the volume of the stomach decreases, and part of the small intestine does not perform its absorption function.
After a mini-gastric bypass, the patient is taken to the sobering room, he experiences drowsiness and drowsiness for a while due to the effect of anesthesia. In this sobering room, a number of patient’s values (such as breathing, blood pressure) are monitored and pain controls are performed. After surgery, a drain is usually inserted into the patient to prevent fluid accumulation in the abdomen, and after 2 or 3 days this drain is removed.

Approximately 4 – 6 hours after the operation, the patient can get up and start walking slowly, accompanied by assistance. 3. After surgery the day is discharged when the patient begins to be self-sufficient.

It is very important to eat right during the recovery process, so patients must adhere to the nutrition program prescribed by doctors. Because fluid will be fed as the first stage, it is possible that a condition called dumping syndrome will be seen in patients. This condition can cause diarrhea, exhaustion, and lightheadedness. It is possible to get rid of this syndrome by fully observing the nutrition program. Constipation is also likely to occur because bowel habits will change.

In order to prevent pain and nausea that may occur after surgery, drug therapy is performed. It is important for the patient to drink the medications recommended by the doctor in full and exactly as prescribed in this process so that this process can be completed more easily and quickly.

Since the patient’s eating capacity will decrease after surgery, weight will be lost quickly. After a while, if regular exercise is not performed, it will lead to burning november reserves and consuming muscles that were not used before the stored fats. Regular exercise on a daily basis is therefore important for the recovery process after a mini gastric bypass. performing 20 minutes of aerobic exercise removes metabolism from muscle reserves and november fat instead. Walking is also one of the recommended exercises. Decapitation is also recommended. Walking november which contributes to the healing process by increasing it gradually, helps you to regain your former health by providing fat burning instead of muscle.