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Why Do People Get Plastic Surgery?

It aims to eliminate aesthetic, functional and visual disturbances. It is a procedure aimed at preventing deformation in the body, triggered by age progression, without distinction between men and women.

Although the aesthetic and beauty phenomena are in a constant state of change, the purpose is always the same; to feel happy. It has been observed that people who turn to plastic surgery want to have changes in their bodies from three different perspectives. The first and most basic of these is for health purposes. Secondly, there are interventions arising from physical need. Finally, there is the desire for change with a psychological origin.

Plastic Surgery for Health Reasons

The most common surgeries performed as a result of anatomical problems are nasal aesthetics. However, in any case, the result is a much more beautiful appearance and a healthier structure compared to the past, which increases the satisfaction rate.

Plastic Surgery for Physical Need

This aesthetic preference, which can be applied to almost all parts of the body, is made because it makes one or more areas of the person uncomfortable. These aesthetic operations, which can contain many reasons such as feeling good, satisfied, and getting a younger appearance, help people to love and value themselves more.

For all areas that can be changed or made more beautiful, plastic surgery is applied by using the developing technology and opportunities, and when the person looks in the mirror, he easily gets the reflection he wants to see. It is an indisputable fact that people’s desire to make themselves happy is not unfounded, and that every person can use this opportunity in accordance with their own beauty framework.

Psychologically Motivated Surgeries 

Social pressures and external appearance comments, starting from childhood and extending to adolescence and later adulthood, create insecurity about their bodies and physiques. For this reason, it is possible to achieve good results with a plastic surgery that will increase the person’s own liking and allow him to ignore negative comments in the environments he is in.

Apart from general standards and perceptions, it is appropriate and correct behavior for people to determine their ideal appearance and to choose the plastic surgery they want to have in this direction.