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    It is within you to reflect your beauty into your day. You will be more successful with a new you. We reflect your inner beauty to the outside.


    Our mission is to reflect your natural beauty, harmony and perfection to the ideal

We reflect your beauty not in mirrors, but in every second.

Center of Surgeons is an internationally popular surgical center in Istanbul, offering service to guests from all over the world. Along with almost every field of aesthetic and plastic surgery, it also provides services in treatments such as obesity, in vitro fertilization (IVF), dermatology, dentistry and hair transplantation. Our team consists of regional surgeons and doctors with experience in a wide variety of surgical fields with an unwavering ...

Dr. Yaman Y.
Dr N. Emre Turgut .
Dr. Ayaz A.
Dr Ilker M.
Dr Turgut K.
Dr Omer S.
Dr Korhan M.
Dr Emre H.
Our Procedures
Our Most Carried Out Treatments

Stubborn fats can be a problem for many people, regardless of whether they are men or women. Liposuction, ...


Nose is a very important organ both for cosmetic reasons and due to its functionality. We can say ...

Hair Transplantation

How is Hair Transplantation Performed? Hair transplantation is now performed by many specialists. Hair loss takes its place ...

Why Choose Us?

There are several factors that make Center of Surgeons your best choice as a medical tourism partner. In particular, the following features distinguish us from other medical tourism companies.

Our mission is to provide excellent cosmetic surgery results as well as superior quality patient care and service. From your first phone call to your last visit, we want you to feel like good friends. Our doctors believe that each patient is unique and tailored to each person’s treatment.

Center Of Surgeons
About Our Clinic

We have a health tourism-supported service scope for guests coming from abroad. In addition, we have a large staff of surgeons, experienced doctors and friendly nurses. We are a clinic with high user satisfaction due to our high success rates in operations. Our center has always adopted the principle of working focused on results and patient satisfaction. Each member of this large family works day and night to offer their patients the most up-to-date techniques in the best infrastructure conditions.

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