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Hip Implant

What is a Hip Implant?

A hip implant , also known as a hip replacement, is performed to heal calcification in the hip joint and replace the damaged hip structure with a new joint. The hip implant operation, which is applied especially for older patients, is a solution to the pain, pain and limitation of movement problems in the damaged hip area. The hip implant offers a definitive solution to prevent the pain experienced while sitting, standing, walking and bending over.

How Is Hip Implant Done?

Total hip arthroplasty , that is, hip implant procedure, takes 1-2 hours on average. In the operation performed in the form of open surgery, a blood test is primarily requested from the patient. If there is no obstacle to the operation, general anesthesia is applied and the operation is started. The damaged joint is removed with an incision of 10-20 cm from the hip region to the waist region . If one or more bones are damaged, the same procedure is applied for all bones. The operation is terminated by placing the new prosthetic joints on the removed area.

Hip Implant Last?

Implant , which is a surgical operation, varies according to the severity of the hip damage of the patient. In long-term use of the hip implant , which has an average life of 15 to 25 years, wear may occur in the prosthesis area. It is very important to go to a regular check-up after the operation and to learn the status of the prostheses.

Hip Implant Price

Implant vary according to the factors of successful specialists in the field and a good clinic or hospital. In hip operations, a quality clinic or hospital should be selected in order to see the benefits of the surgery both in the recovery period and in the following periods. The efficiency of hip implant operations performed by a non-professional team is extremely low due to its more affordable cost .

Hip Implant Healing Process

hip implant operation, there is a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 days of observation period. After this period, the date when full recovery is observed is between 3-4 weeks. There are some conditions that should be considered after hip implant surgery:

  • Sit with your legs crossed for at least 2 months
  • The patient should sit and lie down on a firm and high bed or chair.
  • Additional supplements that support and strengthen the immune system can be applied
  • The patient should not bend too much while sitting and standing
  • The patient should not raise their knees above the hip level
  • Check-ups should be made on the dates determined by the doctor, and the drugs recommended by the doctor should be used without interruption.

There are recovery times that vary from patient to patient in the hip implant procedure. While the recovery period may be prolonged in patients aged 60 and over, it may be shortened in younger patients.

Complications After Hip Implant

In patients with severe damage to the hip joint and bones, some complications may occur after the operation. For instance:

  • Dislocation of the prosthesis
  • Inflammation of the operation area by infection
  • Fractures around the prosthesis, etc.