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Elipse Gastric Balloon

What is Elipse Gastric Balloon Surgery?

The Elipse balloon is a weight-loss gastric balloon that does not require any operation to be placed or removed. The Elipse gastric balloon works similarly to other gastric balloons to lose weight by taking up space in your stomach, helping you to feel full faster, thus helping you eat less and lose weight. To place the Elipse gastric balloon, all you have to do is swallow the balloon during a brief doctor’s visit. There is no need to remove it as it passes naturally through the digestive system after months.

How is Elipse Gastric Balloon Procedure Applied?

The eliptical balloon is folded into a vegetarian capsule and connected to a thin catheter via a self-sealing valve. Patients swallow the capsule; An X-ray study confirms the position in the stomach before filling the balloon with 550 ml of water. The catheter is pulled out and separated from the balloon. A bio-absorbable film covers the valve and gradually degrades over a 4 month period. Once it fails, the valve is exposed and the balloon self-empties. It is then expected to pass from the pylorus to the intestines and then be excreted naturally.

There is no need for surgery, endoscopy or anesthesia with the elipse gastric balloon. It can be a safe and effective weight loss tool that can help overweight patients lose weight. The balloon is made to empty on its own when the time comes and pass through your digestive system safely. Although the elipse’s residence time in the stomach is shorter than other conventional intragastric balloons requiring endoscopy, the results appear to be comparable.

After Elipse Gastric Balloon

The entire process of swallowing and placing the ellipse gastric balloon takes only 15 minutes from start to finish. After the balloon is in place, you will be seen weekly by the doctor so he can monitor your progress and follow a healthy eating plan.

When patients stick to their diet and exercise plan with their balloons in place, they typically see big changes in just 16 weeks. The Elipse gastric balloon can be a great tool that can help patients jumpstart their weight loss journey while helping them develop healthy eating and exercise habits.

The amount of weight loss varies from person to person. These new technologies should be adopted in the context of a long-term exercise, diet, and behavior modification protocol that will maximize long-term weight maintenance.