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Prominent Ear-Otoplasty

What is the Prominent Ear

A prominent ear, known as a hereditary problem, is a condition that occurs as a result of a lack of cartilage, which can be one-sided and two-sided. The outer ear is a complex structure with thin skin and cartilage by structure. A prominent ear, also seen in children, is a condition that affects the child’s psychology and social relationships because it looks different. In general, the ears that are more than 2 centimeters outward from the skull are called prominent. This condition does not cause functional problems, including hearing loss.

Prominent Ear Treatment

There are two types of treatment methods for prominent ears. For non-surgical prominent ear treatment process after birth is important. If a prominent (scoop) ear is detected in the first few weeks in a baby, this condition can be corrected by methods such as ear shaping. Due to the fact that the ears in a newborn are soft and flexible, the protrusion can be corrected with mold.

After checks by specialists, an otoplasty operation, also known as prominent ear surgery, is performed for protruding ears. Ear development in children lasts up to 6-7 years. That is why the age gap for otoplastics is set at 6-7 years. Another method of surgery is a rope ear aesthetic. In this method, the operation is performed within the framework of the ear canal (local anesthesia). Giving an angle by pulling a medical rope from the upper cartilage of the ear that is protruding with the help of a needle is called a prominent ear aesthetics with a rope. This intervention, which lasts an average of 20 minutes, does not involve incisions, knives or wounds.

Prominent Ear Surgery – How is otoplasty performed

The usual method for correcting a prominent ear is as follows:

-An incision is made behind the ear

-Reshapes cartilage

-Dressings are used to maintain the shape of the ears after surgery

-He usually comes home the same day

When is the prominent ear aesthetic done

It is noted that the average ear development is about 6-7 years of age. A pre-school period is recommended for the construction of prominent ear aesthetics. Individuals who have continued or completed their adolescence also have a prominent ear aesthetic.

Advantages of prominent ear aesthetics

-It does not pose a psychological problem for the child if it is done in the preschool period in children

-It can be easily treated with modern and simple techniques

-This condition, which can look aesthetically bad due to protrusions, can be treated with very simple operations

-It allows you to live a better life socially

-He is usually discharged on the same day as the operation.

Prices for prominent Ear aesthetics

Prices for prominent Ear aesthetics vary depending on the patient’s condition and types of operations. Contact us for more information and price details.