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Abdominal Muscle Aesthetics

Abdominal muscle aesthetics is among the most preferred aesthetic procedures today. The main reasons for this are the application of this process with the latest technology, in a practical way and to achieve the desired lines easily.

People who cannot have the abdominal muscle naturally due to various factors can have the appearance of the muscular abdomen they dream of in a very short time thanks to this procedure.

Abdominal muscle aesthetics is a reliable procedure that is successfully applied in men and women and has a high success rate. This process is developing day by day and continues to be applied much more successfully with new techniques.

Since the success rate is at a high level, abdominal muscle surgery is highly preferred by both women and men in our country and in other countries and positive results are obtained. In this article, every question that may come to mind about abdominal muscle aesthetics has been answered in detail and correctly.

If you want to have much more information about abdominal muscle aesthetics, you can continue reading this article.

Abdominal muscle aesthetics

What is Abdominal Muscle Aesthetics?

As it is known, abdominal muscle can only be obtained naturally through sports. For this, a special effort and a certain amount of time must be allocated from the busy pace of life. At the same time, abdominal muscles may not appear even if sports are done in some people, because genetic factors also come into play.

The person can be fit, do regular sports; he may still not have abdominal muscles. On the face of these, abdominal muscle aesthetics is a procedure in which people can obtain the abdominal muscle without making a separate effort and without doing sports.

It is also known as six pack aesthetics for men and two pack aesthetics for women. This procedure is also a practical solution to reach the abdominal muscles in the easiest and fastest way.

How is Abdominal Muscle Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

During the abdominal muscle aesthetic surgery, some of the fat tissue in the abdominal area is protected and some of it is taken from that area. Preserved adipose tissue is the tissue that provides the appearance of curved; in this way, six pack or two pack appearance will be given.

If the existing fat tissue is insufficient to give the desired muscular appearance, fat injection can be made to the necessary area. The fat tissue taken is taken by using vaser liposuction method.

In this way, both the existing muscles become visible and the muscular appearance is provided at the highest rate. It can be said that the abdominal aesthetic procedure is generally applied in this way.

Who can have the surgery?

Regarding who can undergo this surgery, the following items can be made:


  • If you do sports, but you cannot reveal your abdominal muscles,
  • If you cannot do sports, eat a balanced diet, but do not have the appearance of abdominal muscle,
  • If you do not have a fit body,
  • If you cannot do sports due to busy life and especially work tempo, and if you cannot eat regularly and healthily, you can have abdominal muscle aesthetics.

It should be noted that there is no gender discrimination or criterion to have this aesthetic surgery. In other words, abdominal muscle aesthetics are successfully applied to male and female individuals. Since the natural muscle appearance and structure are different from each other in both sexes, women and men are given a separate muscle appearance by considering this difference. Two pack for women and six pack for men are preferred.

Women Abdominal Muscle Aesthetics

Abdominal muscle aesthetics can be applied to each individual regardless of gender. In the past, the misconception that this process only covered male individuals was very common. Today, however, this judiciary has completely lost its function.

In all countries of the world, including our country, women have abdominal muscles with the two-pack method and easily reach the fit look they dream of. This procedure, that is, the abdominal muscle aesthetic procedure for women, is performed while the natural muscle forms of men and women are taken into consideration.

In abdominal muscle aesthetics applied to women, a double muscle appearance is preferred. In other words, the muscle in the right and left part of the abdomen is revealed and the line in the middle of the abdomen is made more visible.

In women, this process definitely provides a much more natural muscle appearance.

Abdominal Muscle Aesthetics Men

Like women, abdominal muscle aesthetics are successfully applied in men. Men follow a very different method than women. In men, six curved muscles are given in the abdomen (this is what the procedure called six pack means). At the same time, in addition to this, the appearance of muscle descent towards the groin area is also made.

The natural appearance of the abdominal muscle is provided in this way. The point that should not be forgotten in abdominal muscle surgeries is that the priority is always to have a natural appearance. Therefore, aesthetic procedures are carried out by taking into account natural forms.

What Methods Are Used?

Among the methods used in abdominal muscle aesthetics is the vaser liposuction method. This method constitutes the most important step of the surgery. The aim of vaser liposuction is to remove the fat in the abdominal area.

While some fat tissues are left in the region to obtain the appearance of muscle in the abdominal region, unwanted and obstructive fat tissues are removed by vaser liposuction. In this process, ultrasound technology is used and the most effective results are obtained.

Two Pack Method

The two pack method is a method applied to women. Since the two pack procedure fits the natural muscle appearance of women, the six pack method applied to men cannot be applied to women. Thanks to this procedure, two muscles in the abdominal region are revealed and a muscular appearance is obtained.

If the person wants to have a fit body appearance, he should definitely have this important application of abdominal muscle aesthetics.

Six Pack Method

The Six pack method is a method that is applied to men rather than women. Because while the double muscle tissue is revealed in women, it is aimed to reveal the muscle tissue that is hepatic and curved in men.

This is necessary so that both sexes have a natural muscle appearance. There are six muscles in the abdominal region and it is possible to make them prominent with abdominal muscle aesthetics.

Vaser Liposuction

Thanks to the Vaser liposuction method, fat is removed from the area where fat is formed, that is, from the abdominal region. Fats are separated from the abdominal area by means of thin cannulas. This procedure is a surgical procedure and today it has become the most effective with advanced technologies.

It is not possible for an abdominal muscle aesthetic to be successful without this painless and painless procedure, because the aim is to remove the fat from the area in the most effective way. Only in this way can a muscular appearance be obtained.

What is considered before surgery?

There are some points that should be considered and strictly followed before the abdominal muscle aesthetic surgery.

  • Before surgery, all kinds of substances that may cause blood to be watered should be avoided.
  • The ECG examination and blood values of the person should be examined. In this way, important elements that will constitute an obstacle to surgery will be evaluated by doctors.

When these main points are taken into consideration, the success rate of abdominal muscle surgery will be quite high. After the surgery, when the healing process is overcome, the effect of this success will be easily noticed by the person.

These main points that you should pay attention to before the abdominal muscle aesthetic surgery will be conveyed to you by your doctor and you will be discussed with you about these points in much more detail.

What to look for after surgery?

  • After abdominal muscle aesthetics, it is necessary to stay in the hospital for at least one night.
  • It is necessary to use a corset in the abdominal area for at least one month.
  • It is necessary to keep the area clean and pay attention to hygiene.
  • After the operation, the body should not be forced, the person should rest as much as possible. Therefore, the person should stay away from sports during the recovery process.
  • Avoiding nicotine-containing substances and alcohol for at least a month will contribute to the healing process.
  • The person should eat healthy and regularly.

These are the points to be considered after surgery. Of course, the specialists who perform the surgery also discuss with the person what needs to be paid attention to in much more detail.

When is the seen effect?

Full effect can be seen approximately 10 or 15 days after abdominal muscle aesthetics. The reason for this is that after surgery, edema and swelling occur in the abdominal area. The person will have the appearance of the desired abdominal muscle completely as a result of the specified time.

Until this process passes, the person should not tire himself, should eat regularly and healthily, and keep the area clean. This is an important point that accelerates the healing process and rapidly reduces the effect of formations such as edema.

What are the Benefits?

Abdominal muscle aesthetics, as it can be understood, is the best and effective way to quickly get rid of the fat tissue in the abdominal area and the basic elements that prevent the fit appearance. Thanks to this way, people, regardless of whether they are men or women, have the appearance of the muscular abdomen they want.

The cost of abdominal muscle aesthetics also does not have very high figures today. Anyone who wants to have a fit appearance can successfully undergo this surgery by allocating a certain budget.

It is known that abdominal muscle aesthetic procedure is performed with the latest technologies in all countries of the world today. Our country is among the practitioners who use these new technologies and new techniques.

Thanks to successful doctors, abdominal muscle aesthetic surgeries are among the most popular procedures of recent years and the demand for this field is quite high.